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Ghastly and Squirtle = ValleyNet

Bellsprout = GirlGiver

Amazon Wishlist for the girls: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/Z7CFB2NMDERE

To celebrate the relaunch of our website we're selling everything for 1/2 off for a week! Also we have thumbnails now. Yay.

25% of all the money donated will go to the Animal Welfare Institute to stop kitten farms, because I love pussy.

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Payments are in Bitcoin because high-risk visa accounts take time to get. And fuck banks, dude. You know?

Please click "Add to Cart" to add things to your cart, or click the image to read a little bit more about it.

If you want to give me your Snapchat name, so I can thank you personally, please enter it into the order notes. You can also use the "Give $" options to pay for services like custom videos negotiated through Snapchat, because you appreciate me, or just because you bought more bitcoin than you really need. <3

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